Jessie Pyrek-Bennett is the new Associate Head Coach for #Viperslax!

Updated: May 11

Monroe - The James Vick Foundation announced earlier today that Jessie Pyrek-Bennett, a Masuk High School alum, and current attacker for the ECSU warriors, has been appointed the Associate Head Coach for #Viperslax!

Alongside Head Coach Kelsey Darcy, Pyrek-Bennett will lead our beloved Vipers into their first ever summer of sustained competition!

"Jessie Pyrek-Bennett is a super positive and loving human being, she is also an accomplished and fierce competitor that brings vast knowledge and experience. The example she sets for our girls will elevate this program to new heights. So many of our girls want to play in college, Jessie is a walking talking demonstration of what's possible in the sport. Given how well her and Coach Darcy have jelled, the Vipers will be secure for a very long time" JVF CEO Christian Vick said in statement.

Coach Bennett stopped by for a Q/A earlier this week as the summer lax season fast approaches.

JVF: How excited are you to get started?

JPB: I’m excited to work with all the girls and help them to get to their maximum potential. After working with the girls over the winter and getting to know them and seeing how they interact with each other was great. They are a great group of girls, and I am really looking forward to the upcoming season.

JVF: You and Coach Kelsey bring a ton of experience at both the high school and college level; how will this benefit the Vipers?

JPB: My experience playing lacrosse for my whole life will definitely help a lot. I have experience playing all over the field on midfield, attack, defense, and I even take the draws. Having two coaches with both different experiences will greatly benefit the team. JVF: Many of our girls want to play in college, what advice would you give them as an active division 2 player?

JPB: I previously played at the University of Bridgeport (D2), and now I am currently playing at Eastern Connecticut State University (D3). My advice would be to work when nobody is watching, perfecting your craft is something that players need to focus on to play at the next level. Also, be confident and don’t be afraid to take risks on the field, mistakes teach players lessons!

JVF: What are you goals for the JVF Vipers during the summer season?

JPB: My goals for the team would be to have a winning season and compete against some great teams in CT! Individually, my goal this season is to help the girls and give them assistance that I never had while trying to get recruited. I want to be there for them during the recruiting process and help them, as I have been through it not once but twice. I want to be there for them for any questions that they have and help them find a school that is best for them.

JVF: How important do you believe free club lax will be moving forward?

JPB: I believe it is extremely important, as many players including myself were never given that opportunity, which was why I never played summer ball. It attracts a big audience of competitive players!

Coach Bennett and Coach Darcy will begin preparations for the summer season next week! Interested players looking to tryout need to stay tuned to this website for updates!

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