The JVF to roll out the club membership system August 1st 2022!

The James Vick Foundation will be introducing the JVF membership system on August 1st 2022!

We are so proud of our club teams, they have elevated the organization to magnificent heights, and this system is a direct result of their tremendous success.

Now we look forward to a sensational year of programming, a year that will see our programs experience events, and locations we never thought possible four years ago.

The membership system will apply to our clubs teams only, open programs such as leagues, tournaments, and other activities will be accessible (and free) to everyone in the community including those that are not full time members of the JVF.

The JVF club teams will no longer be open, you have to apply during the enrollment period, be accepted, and confirm your spot to compete for any of our clubs teams moving forward.

There will be an alternate option. Athletes can apply to be an alternate in the event the ball clubs need additional players, those players, if approved, will be permitted to participate in all practices.

As our organization continues to grow, and our programs continue to expand, we believe the time is right to seek sustained commitment from athletes active in our system, commitment that is consistent with our commitment to them, and our wonderful families.

Each of our programs will have a specific enrollment period in which athletes can apply for JVF membership.

Membership approval will be based on a specific set of conditions, and requirements.

All members will receive a full year of programming, practice, travel, participate in tournaments, receive JVF gear, professional coaching, recruiting support, and a roster spot.

Space will be limited, so please make sure you apply!

We will release the schedule for each program at the onset of the application process.

All members will be expected to engage in fundraising, the organization will work with families dealing with financial hardship, health issues, and other challenges that are difficult to navigate.

The enrollment period for each program will be as follows, please apply within this window.

August 1st to August 10th: JVF Vipers Women's Lacrosse

August 10th to August 20th: JVF Middle School Field Hockey

August 15th to August 25th: JVF Spartans Boys Lacrosse

November 1st to November 20th: JVF Dragons and JVF Panthers Field Hockey

We want to thank everyone for their faith, and their patience, implementing this system is a necessary step to build our teams organically, and maintain the financial health of the organization.

It's our belief this system will help the organization grow at a reasonable pace. It will also create the type of continuity that will help the programs develop a committed and reliable culture.

There is no registration fee for JVF Members, instead we will implement a specific tax exempt donation that will be made prior to each program kicking off.

At the conclusion of the application process, we will inform all applicants of their status, for further questions please contact us via the contact form on this website.

We wish everyone luck! Go JVF!!

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