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The Yale Series Championship set for April 2024!

New Haven -- Following the extraordinary success of the Yale Series in 2023, the James Vick Foundation can announce that the exciting, high profile, extremely competitive "Yale Series" will return for a 2024 edition that will expand upon the competition and reimagine what we all have come to expect from club Field Hockey.

Set on the gorgeous campus of Yale University, the competition will be staged at the palatial Strong Field in the Westville section of the city.

On Astro Turf.

The competition will once again be free to all visiting teams.

After a successful pilot run in 2023, the competition will expand to a championship in 2024.

The Series will kick off with the announcement of the12 teams that will compete for the Beverly Vick Trophy, as well as the schedule.

8 of those teams will compete in Group Stage games starting in April and concluding in June.

Based on the results, those 8 teams will be seeded for the Yale Series Championship Tournament in June.

Joining those 8 teams in the tournament, will be 4 teams that receive a special exemption due to distance. In order to receive a special exemption, a program must be based at least 75 miles from New Haven Connecticut and have competed at the national level.

The championship tournament will take place over two days, with an abbreviated group stage, and a single elimination round of 4.

Some more information

  • Round Robin Games will be scheduled by the JVF in cooperation with the club directors, games will take place on Sunday afternoon/evenings.

  • All participating teams will have the full support of JVF staff in terms of arranging for hotel accommodations and anything a traveling program needs, especially the teams receiving an exemption for the championship tournament.

  • We only will allow athletes that are either enrolled high school or are graduating in June of 2024 to participate.

  • College Coaches interested in attending the Group Stage games, or the championship tournament, please let us know! You can reach us via the contact form on this website.

  • The Group Stage and the Championship tournament will be officially scheduled once USA Field Hockey announces the dates and times for the NCC's, the event will be scheduled on a weekend that does not intersect with that tournament, we will take the same measures for RCC competitions over the course of the Group Stage.

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