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Video: A JVF Story: #ForElias is now streaming!

JVF Films in association with Deliberate Media is pleased to present the latest entry in the JVF Film anthology series.

A JVF Story:#ForElias is the amazing story of our dearly departed Elias Hnini, a magnificent young man from Hamden Connecticut that tragically lost his life during the summer of 2022.

In wake of his passing, his family, his friends, and the entire community came together to honor, and memorialize this angel of a human being.

#ForElias is only possible because of the unbelievable support of the people that loved Elias, their commitment to this life has resulted in this fantastic representation of his legacy.

We want to thank his family, Mariella and Danielle Herrmann, Jack Gaffney, and everyone else that directly supported this project!

We sincerely hope everyone enjoys the film, we love you Elias!!!!

#ForElias is the exclusive property of the James Vick Foundation Inc, any replication, duplication, reproduction or distribution of this film without the express written consent of the James Vick Foundation Inc will be subject to state and federal copyright laws.

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