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Video: Gianna Latella Sliby accepts the 2020 JVF Female Athlete Of The Year Award!!

The JVF is so excited for Gianna Latella Sliby!

Yesterday the West Haven Co-Captain was voted the JVF Female athlete of the year!!!

In 2020, Gianna, alongside other heroes, changed the landscape of women's lacrosse. Organizing, leading, and administrating the West Haven Bulldogs amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and a highly competitive Dream League. Gianna embraced the role of being a senior, including recruiting underclassmen to join the team, and assembling an awesome group of captains in Angela Borelli, and Destiny Weston.

Some leaders have a talent for unifying people, such a skill cannot be taught, and Ms. Sliby proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she is that type of general.

Gianna was selfless, courageous, and inspiring to those around her, providing stewardship on and off the field that went well beyond her years.

Much like Marvel studios, the JVF has a pantheon of athletes that have breathed life into our mission, they have provided hope when there is none, and they have defied the odds to make the dreams of others possible.

Gianna cemented her place amongst the all time greats that competed, and served our mission, she is a walking billboard for the type of values, temperament, and patience that we stress to the kids in our programs.

Gianna was among the first entrants into our program when we truly were unknown to the lacrosse public, she put her her faith in us right away, and has not wavered since. Gianna, and the other originals, are most directly responsible for the growth of our program, to see her win our most important award is gratifying for the staff, we could not be happier for her.

Gianna is off to college, and while her time as an athlete with the JVF has expired, her spirit, and her lacrosse adventures during 2020 will endure far beyond her tenure, we fully expect her to to achieve great things, and perhaps one day she will come back to help lead the mission when the time is right.

Congrats Gi! As a token of our appreciation, we are gifting you these brand new pair of On Running Sneakers to assist you while you work out! Thanks so much, we appreciate you!

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