The James Vick Foundation recognizes the role that sports can play in a young person’s life and offers free sports programming, leagues, and resources for young men and women in our community. Following our pillars of athletics, education, and social progress, our staff will help these young people advance as athletes, students, and members of society. It is our mission to provide every kid in our community the opportunity to play.

The James Vick Foundation is a 501C(3) organization, and currently offers free basketball programming, free girls lacrosse programming, free field hockey programming, and free soccer programming. 

Children from all communities are welcome to join us! 

The James Vick Foundation is committed to providing free sports programming to any and all who need it.

Our Mission

Organized and well-structured sports provide young people countless benefits. Youth who participate in organized sports do better academically, have lower stress levels, have higher self-esteem, and are more likely to be successful later in life. Unfortunately, not all young people have the resources or privileges which allow them to participate in such programs. It is the mission of the James Vick Foundation to provide sports programming, education, and resources to youth in our community.


Who are we?

Christian Vick - CEO


Taylor Girard - Athletics Administrator


Amanda Rosen Lacrosse Club Director 

Kelsey Darcy- Associate Head Lacrosse Coach



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