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A Jersey surprise: JVF Dragons go 3-1 at the Surf and Sands Tourney

The James Vick Foundation made it's first ever trip across state lines this past weekend!

The JVF Panthers and the JVF Dragons competed in the Surf and Sands Northeast Jamboree, representing the foundation with such class and spirit.

The JVF Panthers put up a valiant effort Sunday afternoon, they were led by the relentless efforts of Ellie Wieland, and Aryana Wilson, we are so proud of them!!!

The JVF Dragons surprised everyone, amassing a 3-1 record in four games, while also scoring twelve goals and only allowing five! What an incredible performance for a developing team!

The Dragons were led by Lauren Kendrick, the Branford native led the Dragons in scoring, including registering a hat trick, and one of the most eye popping goals of the tournament. What a performance!

The JVF wants to thank both teams for a tremendous effort!

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