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Christian Vick's statement on George Lloyd, and the need to fight racism

Our CEO Christian Vick, wanted to share a statement regarding the unfortunate situation that is transpiring in our country.

"The James Vick Foundation is named after an African American man that lived in America before the civil rights movement, he wasn't allowed to use public water fountains, public bathrooms, his life was in danger every single day. James Vick's dream was that Americans would one day fully unify, that we would love each other, and that African Americans would be given equal standing in the eyes of the law. My mother Beverly Vick, who lived, marched, fought, and clawed, so her children could have a decent life, has always taught me to love, and to accept humans for who they are, not what they look like. She was treated like an animal for the first 20 years of her life, and still had the love in her heart to not hate anyone and for over 40 years, has taught children of all races in the classroom. I live my life by that creed, racism in any form is beyond repulsive to me, it's evil, it's in direct contravention with every part of my being, and this organization will NEVER accept it.

The death of George Lloyd is affront to everything James Vick, my mother and the pioneers of the civil rights movement fought for in the 60's.The occurence implies that the terror my ancestors endured when my bloodline was dragged to this country has been for naught. It's a devastating development for me, the Vick family, and the African American community

James Vick taught me that my life would be different, he took me to the million man march, pulled me out of school to attend, this struggle is hundreds of years old, and I was made aware of it at a very young age.

The James Vick Foundation has roughly 200 young men in our advanced basketball program between the ages of 16-23. This group was actually the first group to participate in our programming two years ago, they are an amazing, socially conscious group of African American men, beautiful souls.

Over the last few days, they have been demanding my leadership, and I am here to offer it. To that group, I support you, you let me know how our organization can help

Just please stay safe, stay peaceful, and remember that James Vick would want all of you alive before anything, so please do what you can to avoid danger.

I am not speaking for anyone but myself, but I think it would be a disservice to my father's legacy to not make our athletes aware of what this organization represents, and that is the expectation that everyone is equal.

The most beautiful aspect of this organization, is our diversity, and our love, I mean look at the pictures on this website! Look at all the different walks of life, racism does not exist at the James Vick Foundation, and that is by design.

All of you are the hopes and dreams of my father, my father dreamed about an America in which all people could love each other, and see each other equally, I like to think that large segments of this country can do just that, but the events of the last week indicate we have a long way to go

What I have seen pains me, it's so sad, it's my birthright, I inherited it, my life was destined to be different, however, I have learned to love, to teach love, and to encourage love, and that is what's going to turn this country around. I want to encourage all of our athletes to read, learn, ask questions, acknowledge the social challenges this country is facing, but love first, and we can take it from there.

I am an African American, I have been discriminated against in various capacities my entire life, as recently as 24 hours ago, but as the leader of this organization, I have to encourage peaceful measures, thoughtful actions, and relentless curiosity. The only way we can rid this country of racism once and for all, is to acknowledge how much of a threat racism is to decent society, and work to combat it without resorting to criminal acts, and violence.

In the name of my father, I ask that we all join together, and promote unity, that we denounce racism, we are an incredibly diverse group of people, let's provide the example as to what this country can be when everyone loves."

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