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#JVFHockey enters Surf and Sands College Showcase June 12th in NJ!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

JVF Field Hockey has been a smashing success for our foundation, and a blast for the kids! Head Coach Cheryl Canada, assistant coach Valerie Perkins, Jaime Trager, Sam Dugan, and Bevin Gebhardt have done an unbelievable job of getting the program on it's feet.

Incredible young women from all over Connecticut have come together in the name of accessibility, and performed above and beyond expectations.

With so many of our players expressing an interest to play in college, and with more athletes joining the program in the spring, the James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce that the club has been entered into the awesome Surf and Sands college showcase on June 12th in Tinton Falls New Jersey!

Located down the shore, near the beach, the event promises to be a competitive, fun, team bonding experience for #JVFHockey

JVF Field Hockey will become the first foundation program to cross state lines, and compete, a monumental accomplishment for a program that is less than 3 weeks old.

We look forward to seeing the athletes showcase their skills, and compete against other clubs from near and far!

Coach Canada and her staff, will select the tournament team from the pool of players currently enrolled in our programming, and the group of players that will be selected to join JVF Field Hockey in the spring. Due to limited space, the team will be comprised of players that have expressed an interest in playing in college, and are seeking to enhance recruiting possibilities.

There will be no fee accessed to tournament team players, all tournament related fees will be covered by the James Vick Foundation.

JVF Hockey is beyond excited to give our athletes a chance to connect with college coaches, and assist them on the path that eventually will lead to higher education, and successful careers as working professionals.

The James Vick Foundation would like to thank Local Union 478 for making this adventure possible for our kids, your generous donation to JVF Field Hockey will give the foundation an amazing head start as we fundraise to take our club to the beach!

Your incredible gift will give our girls chance to accomplish their dreams, thank you so much for believing in our kids!!!

JVF Hockey would also like to thank Walsh Fence, CDO Technologies, Next Level Installations LLC, and Vale Sports Club for continuing to support our women's sports programming!

As a reminder, JVF Hockey registration will reopen in March for our spring sessions, please send all inquires and questions to the contact form on this website, and we will be sure to get back to you!

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