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#JVFHockey reveals The Panthers and the Dragons!!!!!!

#JVFHockey is pleased to present our club field hockey teams!!

Coach Cheryl Canada and Coach Valerie Perkins have submitted final rosters to the JVF!

The JVF Panthers, and the JVF Dragons will take the field this spring, and we could not be more excited to have them! The teams will practice, compete, and represent the #JVFHockey at tournaments, leagues, and various other Field Hockey activities.

Players will receive a game uniform, socks, kilt, quality coaching, and college support!

Players were selected out of the winter training camp hosted by #JVFHockey at the CFC complex in Hamden, we want to congratulate the players that have been selected to a roster! We wish all of you luck as you enter competition!

Players not selected to compete for our club teams will still be able to participate in the Dream League this summer, we encourage those players to keep working, and be ready!

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