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The FDP will provide a summer soccer option for CT Youth

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce that our much anticipated soccer program, has been approved by our CEO, and will open registration June 1st 2020.

A year ago, the James Vick Foundation, in cooperation with New Haven Youth Soccer, Hosted the first free club soccer tournament in decades, the Inclusion Cup, and it was such a rousing success, the kids were so amazing, that we decided to offer a second tournament, the Westville Invitational, later in the year.

The JVF also provided support to the Truman Tigers Futebol club in 2019, and again in 2020.

As our soccer program has developed, there has been a groundswell for us to develop an independent soccer program, focused on development, and competition.

We understood that such a program would be difficult with the current structure of youth soccer in Connecticut, the fine people over at the CJSA has provided a massive venue for youth soccer in our community, and we didn't feel the time was right for us to launch our own program.

That time has arrived, after months of children, parents, and community leaders inquiring about our soccer plans in a post pandemic world, we are pleased to present a soccer option for all families, and teams.

After a global pandemic, there is a growing group of community members who won't be able to spend copious amounts of dollars for their kids to play soccer, our hope is this program can provide joy for the kids, and relief for the families.

The Futebol Development Program will kick off with a free summer soccer league for clubs featuring children between the ages of 12-14. This league, provided we have the proper guidance from the authorities, will open with a tournament in the early summer.

After the tournament, the teams will be given 2 days a week to practice, with games on the weekends. At the conclusion of the season, a championship tournament will decide the winner of the league.

The FDP will also host clinics, and individual workouts in the interest of player development, and fitness, the FDP's sole mission, is to provide a cost free soccer option for teams, and individuals in a post pandemic world.

The league will be intended to give children back the soccer season that was taken from them, while focusing on individual improvement, and team building.

The JVF is lucky enough to have solid relationships with different soccer organizations in the area, and we welcome all of them to send a team to the league. The Truman School, and other middle schools in the area, including private schools, are welcome to send a team to compete in the league, and participate in the ancillary soccer activities.

Some other details about the FDP

-There will not be a hard start date without appropriate guidance from the state of Connecticut

-All children that participate will have to submit to Cvoid-19 testing prior to participating in the season opening tournament, more testing may be necessary as the league sees fit.

-All children will have to submit updated physicals, and submit to stringent medial protocols, including temperature checks, masks, distancing protocols, and testing if symptoms appear to be present

-Parents will not be permitted to directly attend workouts, league play, or other soccer activities until the JVF has the proper guidance

-The JVF will host a call for parents on June 8th, 2020, it will serve as a feedback session. The FDP will do a coaches zoom on June 15th

-The FDP is a free program, no cost, the children will have the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities if they so choose

-The FDP will not reject any kids on the basis of race, gender, faith, station, nothing, this program is for everyone, no matter who they are, or where they are from.

-The FDP will place emphasis on individual improvement, skill work, conditioning, and fun.

-The FDP will host a soccer program for children ages 5-7 , the program will be a series of clinics, the children will be provided a free shirt, and equipment if needed, space is limited for this program, so please contact the JVF if you are interested in enrolling your child

-The FDP Summer League will be geared towards club teams, it will be competitive

-The JVF will provide insurance for the tournaments, the league, and practice.

-The JVF will issue standard issue uniforms for all teams that need them, the JVF will work with team directors to ensure the colors are appropriate.

-Team directors will register teams, all participants will still be required to register individually

-All registration will be online, it will run from June 1st to June 20th

If any coaches, parents, or club directors have any questions, feel free to contact the JVF through the contact form on this site!

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