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The Spring Hockey Cup in Photos and Video

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The James Vick Foundation could not be more excited about the success of the Spring Hockey Cup! Staged on a beautiful day at CFC Park, our first ever field hockey event was a spectacular step forward for the JVF Field Hockey program!

Crisp and skillful competition along with humble and grateful citizens made the event awesome to watch for the spectators, many of whom had not seen their daughter play in over a year.

The kids did great, thank you so much to all of them!

We want to thank the U/16 AIM Field Hockey club for a courageous performance, advancing to the championship game against the odds, and putting up a solid effort against very tough opposition in the title matchup. We want to thank the families of AIM U/16 for making the trip!

We also hope that Emma with U/16 AIM is feeling better! Prayers up!

The Rye Field Hockey Academy stole the show on Saturday afternoon, led by Scared Heart commit Aine Keaney, the team put up a dominant performance on their way to the championship trophy.

The title run was also the first time the JVF has been lucky enough to work with a New York based program, and connect with families from the Empire State, such a great experience!

We are very grateful that such a great team would make the trip across state lines to participate in our programming! Congrats to the champions!!!

In winning the Spring Hockey Cup championship, the Rye Field Hockey Academy will receive an automatic bid to not only enter the 2021 Dream League, but also host league games in New York!

Saturday was also special for the James Vick Foundation because our field teams, including Coach Cheryl Canada, and Coach Valerie Perkins, finally got to experience competition as a group, taking on tough opposition, and emerging all the better for it.

The JVF Panthers, and the JVF Dragons are transcendent in the regard that they represent a more open, accessible, option for young women in Connecticut. Not only is the team full of incredible young women, they also are having a socio economic impact, we could not be more proud of them!

We want to wish the Panthers and Dragons luck next week as they travel to the jersey shore for the massive Surf and Sands Competition.

Thank you to the athletes, our staff, our coaches, our parents, Taylor, Gabriella, Ann Murray, Coach Suhki, Amy from AIM, Donna, and everyone that supported this event.

Photo/Video credit to Felicity Fries, and Kimberly Smart

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