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The talented Heather Del Cervo joins the JVF as it's marketing and development director!!

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce that Heather Del Cervo has been hired as our brand new Marketing and Development Director!

As the James Vick Foundation enters phase 3, and starts to scale the mission nationwide, it was important that we have a young, vibrant, brilliant mind to take this organization to the next level.

A former hockey player, Heather is the first, and most important addition as phase 3 takes shape.

Heather has worked in marketing and development at the higher levels of amateur sport, both at North Carolina State University, and her alma Mater, the University of Connecticut.

Heather will be tasked with developing the brand of the James Vick Foundation, providing oversight on fundraising, and working with the athletes on an administrative level.

The JVF had the opportunity to catch up with Heather this evening, she just completed her first day on the job, and was kind enough to speak with us.

JVF: As the newly appointed Marketing and Development Director for the JVF, what will be your priorities?

HDC: As the new Marketing and Development Director for the James Vick Foundation my main priorities will be to continue the amazing efforts made to bring sports to children in the community. I want to capitalize on the Foundation's momentum to raise awareness and funds to help support our mission to provide every kid in the community a chance to play.

JVF: The JVF has taken some huge leaps forward in 2020, are you excited to continue to scale the mission, and provide more opportunities for kids?

HDC: Absolutely! Sports have an amazing power to really change lives and I am thrilled that the JVF has given me the opportunity to help spread the joy that sports bring. If I could make a difference in just one child's life by introducing them to a sport that they may otherwise not have access to, then that is all I could ask for.

JVF: You were a hockey player, what lessons did you learn as an athlete that will help you in this new position?

HDC:  Growing up playing hockey in a team setting my entire life has taught me so much. Hockey has given me a confidence that I could not gain anywhere else. It has taught me to believe in myself and trust others on my team. Hockey has taught me how to be a team player and a leader to others and I know I can utilize all of these to help me succeed in this position.

JVF: The JVF Vipers Lacrosse club is ready changing the game, a free lacrosse club for girls.  How important is it to the development of the JVF Vipers as they work to expand the women's lacrosse program to include programming to younger, and at risk children, do you think thats doable within a couple years?

HDC:   As a former female hockey player I am a big advocate for women's sports and seeing the work that the JVF Vipers have put in to expand the women's lacrosse program has been so inspiring. I believe their mission to expand the program to younger and at risk children is absolutely doable because they have the passion for it and at the end of the day that is what will get you results.

JVF: What most excited you about joining the James Vick Foundation?

HDC: The James Vick Foundation is an incredible organization that truly cares about the community. I have always had a passion for helping others and being able to combine that with my passion for sports is a dream come true. I am beyond excited to get started and work with the JVF family! 

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