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After shining at Gateway, Anthony Miller eyes the next level

The 2018 JVF Summer League MVP Anthony Miller, just recently completed a stellar two year stint for the Gateway Community College Men's basketball team. Miller was one of the first athletes to believe in the James Vick Foundation, his rise is an inspiration to the kids that will come after him. We reached out to Anthony Miller on Saturday to catch up, he was nice enough to provide some words of inspiration to some of our younger athletes.

JVF: Miller, you were one of the first kids to enroll in our programming, you won the 2018 JVF Summer League MVP in a competition with elite talent, you now have gone on to a successful college basketball career, starring at Gateway, what has the journey been like for you? 

AM: "It been a roller coaster. There have been some good and bad times. There were moments where I wanted to give up. But I pushed through. Before this current season I’ve suffered a couple injuries, where I thought I would not play for couple games until I got the green light from the doctors before the first game. That’s where I got the hope this was going to be a good season."

JVF: We are hearing rumors that you have been in contact with the University of Bridgeport basketball program, and are set to visit. Wow! How exciting is that? A high level D-2, what are your thoughts? Would you consider attending the school? 

AM: "It’s very interesting that they reached out to me. I was speechless. It’s definitely on my list at the moment but I’m still considering other institutions."

JVF: The JVF has changed a bit since you competed in our programming, more sports, more kids, what advice do you have for our younger athletes that hope to do what your doing? 

AM: "The message I have for this generation is always keepgod first, work hard in school, always bring 110% in practice. Don’t taking nothing for granted. Stay positive no matter what the situation is but also, remember “No BOOKS, NO BALL”

JVF: How is Mom? Is she excited to see what this stage of your career brings? 

AM: "Yes, She’s very excited. She’s definitely ready to kick me out the house lol, but she’s definitely ready for the next stage for my career."

JVF: Did you watch the Michael Jordan documentary last dance? What did you think?  

"Yes, I watched it. I enjoy watching it, I definitely ready for episode 3 and 4. He was one of my favorite players growing up."

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