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Fall Lax Series: Southington, Clinton, and Westport to compete in the tournament!

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to welcome Team Southington, Team Clinton, and Team Westport to the Fall Lacrosse Series Tournament!!!!

At the onset of organizing this competition, it was our desire that the tournament would attract established programs, passionate athletes, and involved families.

The inclusion of these three teams, and the teams that will join them, will make this` tournament as exciting, competitive, and rewarding as we hoped!

Registration is currently underway, and with the uniform order being sent out next week, we encourage all teams and athletes that want to compete to get in touch with the JVF as soon as possible as uniforms, and space is running out quicker than we expected.

One of the teams will be compromised of individuals that have signed up without a team, and just want to play, if you are interested in playing on the that team, please let us know as well!!

The JVF will provide a tournament preview, and an official update, sometime before the 26th!

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