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NCAA: High School Seniors can compete in the Dream League if there is no delayed enrollment

This morning the JVF spoke with the NCAA amid questions about the 2020 senior class competing in the Dream League,

This league is is geared to provide access, and that includes the senior class that worked so hard over the last three years.

The JVF wanted to make sure they were clear to compete.

Last week, Jennifer Mandel reached out to the JVF to inquire if seniors planning to play lacrosse in college would be able to play in the Dream League without having their NCAA eligibility affected.

This morning the NCAA said, "yes, they can, provided they were not held back a year in high school". The official cited the delayed enrollment rule, which allows a one year grace period after graduation for a student to compete. We ask all of the seniors planning to play in the dream league to review the specific literature in the link.

If any seniors ever have any other questions about your NCAA eligibility as it pertains to participation in the Dream League, please contact us through the form on this website!

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