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#Viperslax welcomes Ashley Brunner as the new Associate Head Coach!

The James Vick Foundation is super excited to welcome Ashley Brunner as the new Associate Head Coach of the JVF Vipers!

As the JVF Vipers program continues to thrive, and grow, the JVF has prioritized building and cultivating a deep and experienced coaching staff, the addition of Coach Ashley Brunner will be such a benefit to our athletes and the organization!

As an alum of the Western New England University Women's Lacrosse program, Coach Brunner will bring verifiable experience in terms of fundamentals, team building, recruiting, and individual development. Coach Brunner will be a huge help to the midfield, and the defense, providing the type of guidance that will grow the rising JVF Vipers into a complete team.

The Stratford native is stoked to for the fall season, we had the chance to catch up with her earlier this evening

JVF: How excited are you to get to practice and get going? AB: I am so excited for the first practice. I can’t wait to meet each girl and see where their skills are at and what each individual brings to the team. JVF: How do you feel your experience will help the girls, and program overall AB: Coming from a very dedicated and competitive college team I think I can really help the girls develop the skills, the mindset, and the attitude that are necessary to be competitive at the next level. I am excited to help those who are furthering their lacrosse career feel their most confident as they enter that next level of play. JVF: As a former college player who went through the club system, how important do you believe a program like the Vipers is? AB: I can honestly say, if there was a program like Vipers when I was looking for a club lacrosse team, my mom would have had me on it immediately. I think the accessibility that Vipers offers is great, and not only that but being competitive while remaining accessible to all girls is an amazing feat.

JVF: As coach, what will be your priorities for the upcoming season? AB: My favorite part of coaching is getting to home in on certain skills for each girl that they either want to develop or I would like to see them develop. Getting to know the girls and what their personal goals as players are is super important to me. Giving tangible, concrete, and realistic goals for individuals to work on either in a game or across a season is my favorite aspect of coaching. I believe that setting goals and sharing your goals with others to keep you accountable is the best way to achieve them. JVF: Long term what are your goals for the team?

AB: I am excited for what the future holds for the Vipers. Already it sounds like huge strives and accomplishments have been made. I hope that as we continue to get into bigger, more competitive tournament play, we remain competitive and are continually a name that people recognize. A first place finish in a tournament this year sounds cool too.

Coach Ashley will now join the Vipers at training camp August 28th at CFC Park in Bethany, if you are interested in applying to the team as player, please contact us via the form on this website!

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