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Alexandra Caruso is the new JVF Field Hockey Head Coach!

The James Vick Foundation is proud to announce the arrival our new Head Coach Allie Caruso!

A Connecticut native, the rising star has most recently served as the Director of Ops for the Texas Pride, one of the best Field Hockey programs in the country. A perennial top five program that has been in the national championship picture in multiple age brackets, a program that has produced college commits all over the country.

As a nationally respected leader of women, Coach Caruso joins the program with the full intention of winning a national championship, and she believes the scholarship system will allow this program to shatter the glass ceiling, and a win a national title as a 501c(3) charity.

We had the chance to catch up with our new Head Coach yesterday evening, she was super pumped to work with the JVF athletes, and coaching staff.

JVF: Welcome to the JVF! As the new JVF Dragons head coach, and administrator, what are your goals for the program?

AC: My goals for JVF include competing at national/highly competitive tournament(s), increase the level and speed of play, increase the amount of JVF college recruits (including D1 recruits), and find more ways to grow the game of field hockey through JVF programs.

JVF: After coming from such a successful and distinguished club, with a pay to play model, how do you plan to approach the full scholarship/recruiting system?

AC: I plan to use it to help build my teams as needed. Since we recruit, I am able to find athletes based on my team’s needs (position, types of players, etc). This is similar to how colleges would recruit for their teams, which gives us an edge to building a very competitive team.

JVF: Moving into this new competitive era of JVF Field hockey, what type of athletes will you seek moving forward?

AC: I plan to recruit the athlete who is coachable and has potential. Field hockey is a unique sport since it is considered a “pick up sport”, meaning you can start at any time, it isn’t a sport you need to start at a young age to develop skill. If I find an athlete who wants to be better, can follow direction, wants to develop their field hockey and athletic skills, and is willing to go the extra mile to put in the work, then they are an athlete I would want on my team.

JVF: What excited most about the organization and the opportunity?

AC: I am most excited for the future. JVF is at such a turning point for the organization. There is so much potential for the girls at this organization to be “the greats” and I am excited to take this ride with them. There is nowhere but up from here.

Coach Allie Caruso will spend the next month finishing up her tenure in Texas with her girls, and coaches, she plans to join the program ahead of the Yale Series Championship.

Athletes interested in competing for the JVF should stay tuned to this website, the 2025 scholarship process will open this coming September.

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