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JVF Field Hockey announces selection process for the 2024 season

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The James Vick Foundation Field Hockey program is making an exciting transition as it begins preparations for the 2024 season scheduled to kick off in January!

We are pleased announce our scholarship selection process that will kick off today and conclude on November 15th.

JVF Field Hockey will no longer conduct an open registration process, instead, the program will offer a group of selected athletes a full scholarship for the 2024 Winter and Spring Season.

As the program continues to trend in a competitive direction, we are focusing our internal process, and seeking athletes that are committed, optimistic, and want to compete at a high level. Most of all, the program is seeking athletes hungry to improve while also being able to have fun and enjoy the game.

JVF Field Hockey is not a normal club, or a traditional one, we are blazing an uncharted path in the sport, and exclusively want athletes that are hardworking, ambitious, humble, patient, and willing to grow with us.

We also want humans that love the community, love to help those that need it, philanthropy will be an aspect of the reimagined programming.

The scholarship will cover practices, games, tournaments, the Yale Series, gear, recruiting assistance if needed, and an individual training option.

Selections will be made based on evaluations that will take place during the 2023 Fall High School season, references, and previous experience with the JVF Field Hockey program.

Once selected, the program will make an official offer to the athlete, and upon confirmation, enroll that athlete into the program.

The new JVF Field Hockey coaching staff will be visiting high school games throughout Connecticut, and New York over the course of the fall to see athletes compete in person and communicate with parents.

Any athletes that did not compete for the JVF last season and have an interest in the competing for the program can contact us at Please include your fall high school schedule and contact information for the parents.

The JVF is super excited to welcome our most competitive team ever next season, we encourage all athletes to inquire!

Update November 15th 2023

We want to thank everyone that has participated in the scholarship process, it was delightful for us to interact with so many athletes over the last two months, we were totally blown away by the response, and enjoyed connecting with so many families.

We can proudly announce that our scholarship process has now expired, all full scholarship recipients that haven't been notified will be within the next 24 hours, we again want to thank everyone for their passion, and support, we look forward to a wonderful winter

*Competitive Field Hockey players that have an interest in the JVF, specifically that have an interest in playing in college and missed the scholarship process, can contact the foundation to inquire. Over the course of the winter, we will be adding two additional athletes that will join the program for the Yale Series next spring. Interested athletes will be brought into winter camp to workout with the team at some point in February. Additional selections will be announced in March.

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