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JVF "Rising Stars" Field Hockey League to land at CFC In September

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce our first ever Field Hockey league for Middle School athletes

"Rising Stars" a Free Middle School Field Hockey league will be staged on Sunday afternoons at CFC Park in Bethany Connecticut.

Conceived in the great tradition of our free field hockey leagues, "Rising Stars" will give 6th, 7th, and 8th graders a chance to learn, have fun, and compete on a weekly basis.

Many active field hockey players in Connecticut did not pick up a stick until their freshman year of high school, "Rising Stars" will address that, immersing the prospective student athletes in the sport, teaching them fundamentals, the rules, and the nuances of the craft.

This league is free for any girls that want to play regardless of skill level, or where they live.

Some more program details

-Games will be played using a split field 7 V 7 format, games will run with two 15-minute halves. The teams will play group games, and then proceed to the championship tournament. Seeding will be based on win/loss records.

- Town teams, and club teams, are welcome to enter as a group, but we also will be assembling teams comprised of individuals, please indicate on the registration if you are entering the league with a specific team, or town, or as an individual.

-This league devoid of registration fees, instead the cohort will raise funds for highly anticipated JVF Winter League program, and future school age programming.

- Commitment is a must, the foundation is subsidizing uniforms, field time, referees, staffing, and insurance, attendance to all sessions is expected, we WILL make certain concessions for multi-sport athletes.

-"Rising Stars" is a 5-week competition culminating with a championship tournament in October, the winning team of the league will automatically qualify for the 2024 JVF Winter League.

-All players will need shin guards, socks, a field hockey stick, and a mouth guard.

-Over the course of the league, we will be evaluating the players, at the conclusion of the league, we will be selecting 20 players to join our newly formed JVF Mamba's club team.

-The JVF will provide concession, food trucks, and other fun experiences for the kids

-We need volunteers! Please contact the JVF if you are interested. For coaches Field Hockey experience is preferred!

- We will release the schedule at the conclusion of the registration process on August 25th, please plan for Sunday afternoons starting in Mid-September

-The League will kick off with a combine, in which the coaches will run a clinic style practice, evaluate, and place individual registrants on teams.

Registration for the program is now open! You can register as an individual, or with your team right here!

We look forward to a tremendous competition, please contact us at with any concerns or questions!

Good luck to all the athletes!

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