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Stream it: "Lax Season" with the JVF Vipers is here!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

JVF Films in association with JVF Sports proudly presents "Lax Season" with the JVF Vipers!

The first ever production from JVF Films, "Lax Season" follows the journey of the JVF Vipers as they navigate practice, recruiting, and the New England Showcase Tournament!

Directed by Ashton Gyenizs, "Lax Season" is the first in a series of groundbreaking productions from JVF Films that will go behind the scenes of JVF sports, profiling the athletes and coaches that participate in our programming.

We hope you enjoy this unique achievement in cinema, you can stream the film right here!

"Lax Season" is the exclusive property of the James Vick Foundation Inc, and subject to state and federal copyright laws. Any duplication or distribution of this film without the express written consent of the James Vick Foundation Inc is strictly prohibited.

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