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Breaking: Taylor Girard appointed athletics administrator for the JVF!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The JVF is proud to announce that Taylor Girard has been promoted to the position of athletics administrator for JVF athletics! Girard recently graduated from Quinnipiac University where she starred on the women's Ice Hockey team!

Last month, Taylor was drafted by the Connecticut Whale with their first round pick!! An awesome accomplishment in an exploding league! For the last few weeks she has appeared in various forms of media, and is set to join her new team later this fall.

Girard will provide executive leadership to JVF athletics, and events, we have no doubt she will make a huge, and inspiring impact!

We spoke to newly minted professional athlete as she prepares to to serve her community, and play pro Ice Hockey at the same time!

JVF: Last month you were drafted by the Connecticut Whale with their first pick in the NWHL draft! That's amazing! Between getting ready for the season, media obligations, and everything else that is happening in your life, how excited are you to also be an administrator, mentor, and friend to all the young women competing for the JVF?

TG: I’m beyond excited to be involved in something so amazing. Free competition at a top level.. what more can you ask for? I want to be someone the athletes feel comfortable coming to for advice for college recruiting or anything. I’m excited to just be there.

JVF: What will you expect from the girls on and off the field?

TG: I expect the JVF athletes to just be kind humans both on and off the field. We cheer each other on and hold ourselves accountable to being 1% better every day.

JVF:What does it mean to you to be such a shining example of what women can achieve in sports?

TG: I’m proud that I made it to a professional level in my sport but the work doesn’t stop now. Women's sports has so much more to grow and it all starts with building the confidence in young athletes to know you can be a professional, to know you can push yourself farther than you think!!!

JVF: The JVF is a growing, unique, burgeoning sports organization, what do you hope to achieve as one of the leaders?

TG: The future of the JVF is so bright. We have a great group of people. I just hope we can change young peoples lives and mindsets. Bring someone the confidence they never knew they had. Sports can for sure bring that to you. JVF can for sure bring that to you!!

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