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Breaking: The "Dream" High School Girls Lacrosse League has arrived

Updated: May 19, 2020

The JVF is proud to announce that the "Dream"League, a statewide high school girls lacrosse league, has been approved by our CEO.

Amid a historical pandemic, that has claimed the lives of over 263,000 citizens worldwide, and taken this country to place it has never been, sports was brought to a grinding halt.

Among the many changes civilization has been forced to adjust too, was the cancelation of the spring sports season. Millions of athletes all over the world, had their season taken from them. The toll this took on our young people cannot be underestimated, especially the high school seniors who didn't get a senior night, or a captainship, they didn't the chance to lead a program they committed 3 years of their lives too.

Last fall, we did a school based fall lacrosse tournament, Shelton, Norwalk, Stratford, North Haven, and Amity, did battle on the campus of the University of Bridgeport, taking our program to new heights, and giving the girls a rocking day of lacrosse.

Many thanks to the University of Bridgeport Women's lacrosse team, including the free clinic they offered our program in March.

After that success, the JVF, along with the athletes, planned a league for 2020 that would not intersect with the high school season, or club lacrosse, the tournament proved that an offseason school based program could work.

Today, we can announce that the vision is becoming a reality, and the timing of the program could not be more critical to the kids.

The Dream League will hopefully take place sometime this summer, provided the JVF has acceptable guidance from authorities that issue orders rooted in medical science, that includes the CDC, Governor Ned Lamont's office, and local healthcare providers who we will rely on for guidance throughout the competition.

Registration for the Dream League starts Friday, May 15th on this website, and will conclude May 28th.

The Dream League will host it's first players call June 1st , the first day of the league calendar, which will serve as an information/feedback session, the Executive Committee will convene for the first time June 5th. The coaches will meet prior to the opening of practice facilities.

Some more details about the Dream League

-The League is free of charge for the athletes

-There is no hard start date

-The dream league will be open to all high school teams that were unable to play this season, however, space will be limited due to the anticipated demand.

-In order to compete in the Dream League, a strict enrollment process will be mandatory. Among the requirements is that all athletes will have to be tested for Covid-19, including a second wave of testing at the midpoint of the season if such an action is deemed necessary. The athletes will have to agree to temperature checks, masks on the sidelines, hand washing stations, and an updated physical.

-Public and private schools are welcome, but they must be based in Connecticut.

-In order to compete for a town/school, you must be a resident of that town, each team will be allowed two player exemptions for athletes that live outside of the town or school district.

-The JVF plans to coordinate with athletic directors to ensure CIAC compliance, as of this moment high school coaches are not permitted to coach in the dream league, but the JVF will quickly reverse that ruling if we attain the proper guidance from the CIAC. Our desire is that all coaches have familiarity with the team, and reside in the town the team is representing. The coach for any given team must be approved by the athletes, and must be able to pass a background check.

-The current proposal is for the league to have two conferences. The Dream League North, and the Dream League South. Over the course of the season, a team will play teams from each conference, but play in conference teams twice. The Dream League North will consist of New Haven County, Hartford County, and the Shoreline. The Dream League South will hopefully feature teams from Fairfield County. There will be an all league team, an MVP, and a community service award. As well, as a championship trophy.

-Parents, college coaches, media members, and anyone that is not directly involved in the operation of the league, or playing in the games, will not be permitted to directly access the competition until social distancing restrictions are relaxed to the JVF's satisfaction.

-The Executive Committee(in cooperation with the athletes) will provide oversight on several important items. Funding, community relations, practice schedule, the medical safety of the athletes, issues of insurance, player eligibility, the specific rules of the league, the "safe date" to start individual workouts, and practices, the exact date league play will open, and overall compliance with the rules and the regulations of the league. The Commissioner will chair the Executive Committee.

-Dream League Films will be producing media to support the league, and streaming the games for the spectators that can't be present.

-The Dream League will feature a conduct policy for athletes and coaches.

-The Dream League will independently determine an athletes eligibility to play at any given time.

-The JVF is insuring the Dream League games, providing referees, and support for uniforms, we advise teams to start to think about colors for skirts etc

-Individual team fundraisers will be organized to support practice, and other team needs. The activity will promote team building, and even be fun we imagine. Teams need to start to identifying viable practice fields that everyone can get to relatively easily

-The League will feature a regular season, and a championship tournament at the conclusion of the season.

-The league will be 11 v 11

-There will be on site medical attention, including a check point that all athletes must pass through to be admitted to the field.

-The time to start forming your team is now

-The JVF would like to see an extended a drop in hospitalizations in May and June before we will allow the league to launch.

-The top priorities are organization, registration, and fundraising, the Dream League will hold an official online fundraiser for the competition once we have the all clear!

The JVF we will provide more updates following the Executive Committee meeting June 5th. If you plan to play in the league, if you are a school official, or a coach with questions, please contact the JVF through the contact form on this website today!

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