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Donate: The Dream League fundraiser has officially begun!

The James Vick Foundation is super proud to announce that the JVF Fundraiser is officially underway!

From June 23rd, to June 28th, the James Vick Foundation fundraiser will live! You can donate to the foundation using this secure link!

The James Vick Foundation is raising funds to support our exploding enrollment, and set the table for fall programming! The Foundation raised enough funds to get summer programming up and running, raising over $10,000 to support the Dream League, the Futebol Development program, and operational programming expenses such as uniforms, practice shirts, insurance, nominal rental fees, equipment for those that cannot obtain equipment, and other ancillary expenses associated with offering free sports programming to a wide range of children over a large geographic area.

The Dream League and the Futebol Development program are roughly three times the size we projected, and in order to continue providing high quality statewide programming, we need your support!!

If any of our donors would prefer to make a donation directly, and not use the donor management platform, please reach out to us via the contact form on this website!

The player fundraising campaign will be led by Dream League player rep Shea Saracino, if you have any questions regarding the player fundraising campaign, please contact Shea!

Our goal is $15,000, let's see if we can reach it!

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