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Dream League: The team from Amity is hungry, and ready to chase a championship

The James Vick Foundation reached out to the team that will represent the Amity region in the 2020 Dream League.

Last fall, the team nearly made a run to the championship game of the Fall Lacrosse Series tournament, playing with heart, and tenacity. This summer, with the high school season canceled, Team Amity is hungry, and determined to chase a championship in a league that is shaping up to be one of the biggest competitions this organization has ever seen.

Today, a confident team share it's reaction to the formation of the Dream League, team leader Brenna McNamara was kind enough to share some insight on the club's goals, and what this unexpected season will mean to the seniors

JVF: What will the Dream League mean to the upperclassmen? Is everyone excited to play? 

BM: When the seniors heard about the dream league we were super excited. Most of us are going away to college and won’t see each other again so we’re really thankful for this opportunity to be on the field together one last time. 

JVF: Guilford, North Haven, Madison, the Masuk School, there is some serious talent committed to the league already, how do you like Amity’s chances to win the championship?

BM: The teams entered in the league are very talented. The games we play will definitely be competitive and challenging, but we believe we have a good chance to advance and win the championship. Of course, our main goal is to have fun playing lacrosse with our teammates and peers from the other teams. 

JVF: Has the team come up with a name yet? 

BM: Yes, we decided to call our team the Vikings because it was our lacrosse travel team name that was started by Bill O’Neil years ago.

JVF: What does it feel like to potentially play lacrosse this summer in the midst of a global pandemic? 

BM: Playing lacrosse during a global pandemic will definitely be an adjustment. It’s going to be very different playing without any spectators and constantly being cautious with washing hands and being extra careful. Although, many of us didn’t think we would play together again after we heard the news of all spring sports being canceled, so we are extremely happy and excited to have the chance to all play together for a final time.

JVF: Which team does Amity look forward to playing the most? 

BM: Hands down North Haven. We are very well matched skills wise which makes it an exciting game every year. The past two seasons our games have gone into overtime and tend to get very physical. We’re looking forward to the matchup. 

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