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Focused and passionate, the Madison Mavericks are ready to rock and roll

The Dream League reached out to the two captains for the Madison Mavericks earlier this week, Regan Larson, and Tessie Sheehan as the Dream League teams prepare to return to practice.

The Madison Mavericks are recognized throughout the league as a deep and talented team, but they are not relying on talent alone, there is much work to be done before the stampede starts rumbling.

JVF: There was a two month period in which it appeared there would be no lacrosse, it appeared the Seniors would not get their moment. Now, it appears there will be a season, what has this process been like for you and your teammates?

RL:We were devastated when we were told that there would not be a season. We trained so hard in our preseason and were in such great shape when everything came to a halt. We were all so looking forward to this season with Lindsey as our coach. It was hard to believe and accept that we were actually not going to be able to play and that there was nothing we could do about it. As time went by, we understood the gravity of the situation and were all just thankful for our health. With that being said, our hearts go out to everyone who is being affected by this and we understand how fortunate we are to even have this opportunity. We are so grateful to the James Vick Foundation for this. We are so excited to be able to have this season!

JVF: How excited is the team to compete?

RL: The team is so excited to have this opportunity to compete and show everyone what we can do! We are all so pumped to be able to play another season together!

JVF: Does the team like the new logo?

RL:Yes, everyone loves it! Go Mavericks!

JVF: The Madison Mavericks will be playing lacrosse in Madison for years to come, you are launching a free school based club that other young women from Madison will use as a resource in the future, what does that mean to you personally? To be a role model for the Mavericks of tomorrow?

RL: Personally, these past couple of months have taught me to be grateful for the opportunities that I have, especially lacrosse. Like they say, play every game like it’s your last. Without the James Vick Foundation, a lot of us would have never had the chance to step on the field again after last year's season. I hope the Mavericks of tomorrow can take this situation as a lesson to put it all out on the field every time they play. 

JVF: The dream league is spilling over with talent, and players around the league believe Madison is among the most talented, how will the team prepare to live up to that expectation?

RL: As a team, we plan to work hard and push each other like we did in our preseason. We hope to get out on the field as soon as possible and practice as hard as we can. 

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