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Head Coach Cheryl Canada officially joins JVF Field Hockey!!!

Earlier this week JVF Field Hockey finalized the arrival of our esteemed head coach Cheryl Canada!!

Coach Canada played Division 1 field hockey at Quinnipiac University, and later served as an associate head coach, and a recruiting coordinator for her alma mata.

Canada has mentored 91 All-Conference players, 24 NFHCA Mideast Region All-Americans, three Northeast Conference Players of the Year, three NEC Goaltenders of the Year, one Rookie of the Year and a Defensive Player of the Year, as well as three NEC Tournament MVP’s and six NFHCA North-South Senior Game participants.

Coach is also going to be inducted into the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame in 2021!

A brand name in Connecticut Field Hockey, the former associate Head Coach of Quinnipiac University was kind enough to take some time to share her expectations, and thought process with training camp less than two weeks away!

JVF: Coach you are considered a staple of Connecticut Field Hockey, you are a former division 1 player, a former division 1 associate head coach, and a hall of famer, you have mentored countless young women in the sport. How do you feel your experiences will help you develop the JVF Field Hockey program?

CC: Over the past 14 years of coaching different levels and age groups it has given me a global perspective on what each type of athlete needs to be their best on and off the field.

JVF: What are your immediate objectives for the club in terms of development?

CC: To foster an inclusive environment in a competitive setting.

JVF: Players from all over the state applied to be part of this program, and it stands to reason your appointment played into that, what can the athletes expect from JVF Field Hockey?

CC: JVF Field Hockey will be an environment where the staff will break down the basics of the sport and identify our athletes strengths and weaknesses so that when it comes time to graduate from our program to pursue their next endeavor, those weaknesses are turned into their strengths. Our goal is for these athletes to gain confidence to take on their next challenge.

Most importantly, having fun while working hard has always been a staple to my coaching philosophy, therefore that will be instilled in this program.

JVF: JVF Field Hockey is a free field hockey club, somewhat unique in this particular space. Based on your decades in the sport, what will an accessible, competitive program with quality coaching do for the Field Hockey in Connecticut?

CC: It will enhance the knowledge of the sport across all levels and will only add to the competitive landscape Connecticut field hockey already brings to the national level of competition.

JVF: Some of the athletes that have applied have indicated they intend to play field hockey in college, how will JVF Field Hockey assist them in accomplishing their dreams?

CC: Our staff will provide them with the knowledge of how recruiting works across all 3 Divisions, as there are different NCAA rules for each. We will foster an open and honest dialogue about the recruiting process and will provide them consistent feedback to help them reach their goals. Most importantly, our staff will be accessible to the athletes, parents and coaches during the process.

JVF: You have hired Valerie Perkins as your assistant coach! Perkins was a top flight player at QU, and now is furthering her education at the institution, in your estimation, what will she bring to the club?

CC: Valerie brings a unique approach to coaching from her playing experience coming from one of the best high school programs in the country (playing FH and Lax) and being a top contender in the Big East Conference. She has a calm demeanor but yet a fierce competitive side.

Her wealth of knowledge and mature presentation is exactly the type of coach that will collaborate with myself and the JVF philosophy to mold these young women to be their best self.

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My daughter Kate Vaspasiano will be joining this .. so excited

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