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JVF Dragons kick off "Golden Era" with a title in New Jersey

Mahwah New Jersey -- The JVF Dragons are champions once again.

With 6 starters missing, on the road, the Dragons turned in one of the most brilliant performances in the history of the program.

The JVF Dragons scored 12 goals in the tournament, only allowed two, and never once lost their composure during a tough stretch of ball games.

The youngest Dragons team to ever appear in the U-19 division fought through adversity, a lack of depth, and extreme heat claim a peice of Summer Solistice Jamboree hosted by the Falcons Field Hockey Club of New Jersey.

Bouyed by JVF tournament MVP Kaitlyn Coughlin (Amity), the electrifying Lucy Dickenson (Cheshire), and the steady hand of Jillian Lydon (Amity), the Dragons claimed a second title in two years, and served notice that their time has come.

Allowing only two goals in 4 games while also providing emotional leadership from the back, Dragon Goalie Kaitlyn Coughlin (Amity), alongside defenders Lilly Bellet (Stonington), Brooke Ouellette (Westbrook), Gabby Day (Hamden), and Thalia Zweeres (Branford), shut the opposing offenses down. The Dragon defense did it together with communication, belief, and mental toughness.

Meanwhile, Isabelle Ash (Mystic) and Holly Querker (Amity), gave the Dragons pace and consistenty offensively, scoring two goals a piece, and keeping the pressure on the opposing defense for all 25 minutes. Mia Hardt (Amity) added one goal for the Dragons.

Leading the offensive charge was Lucy Dickenson, who stamped herself as one of the most instinctive, and dangerous fowards in the country. Dickenson led the Dragons in scoring during the title run, including registering a hat trick, and will finish as the leading scorer for the team overal in 2024.

Jillian Lydon of Amity dominated the left side, and submitted the type of leadership that will become the staple of her reign as the lead captain of the ball club. Jill assisted, scored, or created 80% of the Dragons goals over the course of the day, she also doubled back, helping Kaitlyn Coughlin and the defense when needed.

JVF Dragons in Mahwah New Jersey on June 30th, 2024 (Credit JVF)

Following the tournament, JVF Field Hockey Director Christian Vick weighed in on the championship, and the future:

"I have never been more proud of a team, they had every reason to quit, to wilt, to not play, and they turned all of that adversity on it's head. The fact that they were so short-handed, and still could compete at a championship level is the type of toughness this program is built on. We had three freshman playing! Anyone in and around this program knows that 2025 Dragons will represent our first ever golden generation, the most talented, the most battle tested, the most complete, most championship ready group of Dragons in history, and they are just getting started. Yes, the golden era has begun"

The JVF Dragons will return on August 3rd for their season finale at the #ForElias festival at CFC Park in Bethany Connecticut in a home tilt versus local clubs and high school teams.

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