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JVF Programming to expand to Northern Virginia in 2023!

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce that we will be expanding our programming, and offering our services to the Northern Virginia area in the summer of 2023.

After 4 years of glorious expansion and growth in the central Connecticut area, the foundation will be developing a women's field hockey program, and a women's lacrosse program in the Fairfax County area! Student athletes that reside in any of the 7 counties in the region are eligible to participate!

We want to thank all of the wonderful athletes, parents, coaches, supporters, and donors that cultivated the James Vick Foundation to the point that this exciting new era of JVF programming is possible.

We want to make it clear that all Connecticut based JVF programs will continue to move forward.

James Vick, along with Beverly Vick, raised the Vick family in Springfield Virginia, to bring free sports programming home is an exciting development, and a watershed moment for the organization.

Over the next year we will engage in the process of hiring staff, recruiting athletes, and putting in place the very same systems that allowed the foundation to grow in Connecticut.

All Northern Virginia based athletes interested in learning more about the forthcoming Field Hockey teams, and the women's lacrosse program can reach out to us via the contact form on this website. We will add all interested parties to the mailing list, and keep everyone in the loop as this new program starts to take shape!

We truly look forward to offering our unique sports experience to a region flush with athletes that simply want a chance to compete! Free sports programming will certainly be a welcome addition to the Northern Virginia area, we look forward to engaging with a thriving sports hungry community!

See you soon NOVA!

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