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JVF "Rising Stars" to officially launch in February 2024!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

We are so proud to announce the launch of our dedicated middle school Field Hockey program.

After the wild success of our "Rising Stars" clinic, JVF Field Hockey programming for middle schoolers will move forward.

The organization is making a long-term commitment to aspiring school age (Junior High) field hockey players. We have observed that so many young women in our community are not truly immersed in the sport until they reach the high school level, missing years of development in the process, this population doesn't really get a chance to grasp the game until they are competing interscholastically.

Our focus will be even more specific than that, the intention of this pilot program will be unfettered exposure to field hockey at the competitive level, and the sport itself overall.

The program will be coached by Senior JVF Field Hockey players, who will also provide mentorship, a friendly ear, and unlimited lessons that will help the girls progress on and off the field.

The middle schoolers will also participate in the Yale Series in the spring, they will get to work the Senior JVF Field Hockey games, providing operational support while also being exposed to some of the best field hockey in the country.

This will not be a traditional club experience, if you are seeking consistent travel tournaments, lots of games, or a more mainstream track, this program might not be the best fit. This engagement will be more similar to a fellowship, or a course of study at a proven institution.

We intend to operate with a focus on educating the girls. We want to provide dynamic enrichment that will widen the athletes understanding of both the game, and our organization.

In keeping consistent with the revamped enrollment process here at the JVF, the program will run on a full scholarship system, the scholarships, financed by the JVF Field Hockey Scholarship fund, will cover field time, insurance, gear, potential tournaments, and possible games. These scholarships will be issued to a select group of athletes.

All programming will take place starting in February at CFC Park in Bethany Connecticut.

The JVF will only be able to enroll a certain number of athletes, we are prioritizing student/teacher ratio, peer to peer mentorship, we also want to ensure all the athletes receive the necessary amount of individual attention to achieve personal and organizational goals.

These objectives are not conducive to a large group of participants.

Student athletes that have an interest in this program can submit an essay to

In the essay, please explain to us why you would like to be a part of this program, how it can help you, and what you hope to accomplish in the sport. Please include how much experience you have, and contact information for the parents.

Commitment to the sport, attendance, and off the field diligence (studying rules, reviewing film, keeping up with stickwork, seeking feedback from Senior players) will be expected.

For those that attended the Rising Stars Clinic, an essay is not required.

Good luck to all the applicants!

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