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JVF updates: Coach Jean Walker joins #JVFHockey, Middle School programming opens registration!

HAMDEN - The JVF is pleased to share some exciting announcements with our community as the build up to the start of winter programming begins!

Coach Jean Walker joins JVF Field Hockey!

This past weekend the highly respected Jean Walker agreed to join the JVF Field Hockey staff! Coach Walker has an infinite amount of experience in the sport as a player, a coach, and a referee. She is currently a middle school coach for the highly respected Westport Youth Field Hockey program, and her other coaching stops have included Hamden Hall, HTC, and Southern Connecticut State University!

Coach Walker has also refereed all over the country, giving her vision and perspective that not many other coaches possess. We are beyond excited to welcome this celebrated teacher, and look forward to additional coaches joining our staff as we gear up for a tremendous year of Field Hockey!

We have the utmost confidence thatCoach Walker and her colleagues are going to take our program to the next level, and with so many talented players returning we are so excited to see where the program goes from here!

Middle School Winter programming opens registration!

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have noticed that a fair amount of middle school children have either registered, or inquired about our winter programming options. After some internal discussions we have decided to develop two separate programs that will allow middle school children to learn, and grow in the sport of both Field Hockey, and Lacrosse!

Middle School Field Hockey

#JVFHOCKEY will be hosting three separate clinics for middle school children this winter! All the clinics are free, and will be staffed by our coaches, and some of our high school players, the point of the these sessions will be stick skills, fitness, and overall improvement! If we have a strong enough response, we will consider forming a middle school team in the spring that will get to practice, and compete in tournaments!

JVF Lions Lacrosse

We are pleased to announce that the JVF will be restarting our middle school lacrosse program! #Lionslax will kick off 2022 with three separate clinics/tryouts, players selected from those sessions will have the opportunity to obtain a full JVF Lacrosse scholarship, and compete this summer under our banner. We want to apologize to the younger kids that had to wait so long for this program to return! The sessions will be staffed by JVF Vipers players, which should be so exciting for the athletes!

We will allow elementary aged children to participate as well!

We want to advise everyone that space is limited, we did not anticipate offering such a program, and will be doubling our efforts to fundraise, and bring in additional coaches, we ask everyone to understand this dynamic, we will do the best we can to make sure everyone gets to play.

All sessions will take place at the CFC Arena in Hamden Connecticut on Sundays starting January 30th at 11am, more detailed scheduling will be released to registered athletes closer to the start of programming!

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