JVF Winter Field Hockey league registration now open!

Updated: Nov 21

We are so pleased to officially open registration for the DA League, a free women's field hockey competition!

Amid a landscape of extremely expensive winter field hockey options, our program is designed to be accessible to whomever wants to play!

Each participant will receive a game uniform, insurance, and elite level coaching.

The league is specifically designed for high school teams that want to play in the offseason, however we will accept individual players that simply want to play.

The league will kickoff in January with a league combine, in which the staff will evaluate the players, and select the teams, this is a mandatory workout ahead of league play.

We also want to say that while we encourage everyone to register, and participate, we do expect each athlete to consistently attend programming. With limited space, there is a certain amount of girls we can admit into the league, so please consider that when making the commitment.

This league was both fun, and competitive a year ago, we expect the program to be bigger and better this year!

The league will culminate in a championship tournament!

You can register for the league right here

Athletes interested in our competitive elite teams should register for the league, and demonstrate to our coaching staff they want to play the sport at the highest levels. The Dragons and Panthers are select teams, and will be assembled at the full discretion of the coaching staff.

We look forward to an amazing winter, please reach out to us with any questions!

*We will be accepting 8th graders that want to play, however, seeing as this is a primarily a high school program, we will only be able to accept a limited amount.

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