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Kelsey Darcy appointed Head Coach of the JVF Vipers

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Hamden - Late last night the James Vick Foundation made the decision to elevate Kelsey Darcy to Head Coach of the JVF Vipers!

After serving under the beloved Amanda Rosen as Associate Head Coach, Kelsey Darcy will assume the reigns as the new skipper for the Vipers, taking over a vibrant and talented team that will travel up and down the east coast this summer.

"I believe Coach Darcy has demonstrated her commitment to the JVF, our kids, and our hope for the future of the women's lacrosse program, I believe she will prove to be a worthy successor, and will inspire our girls for years to come" JVF CEO Christian Vick said in a statement to this website.

Coach Darcy will now start the process of building out her staff, recruiting new talent, and preparing for the JVF Vipers season opener June 25th in New Castle Delaware.

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