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Registration for fall soccer to start September 25th!

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to announce that our new soccer division is officially a go!

With the pandemic raging, and soccer opportunities few and far between for our at risk population, the James Vick Foundation, in cooperation with some awesome community partners, will be offering a full service soccer program starting in October.

The program is free of charge to New Haven students.

There will be programming options for 5-7 year old children, a coed middle school soccer league, and a coed- tournament for middle schoolers that will take place in mid October.

James Vick Futebol will be dedicated to providing access, acceptance, and lots of soccer.

There is academic requirements in order to participate, all athletes must be in good standing at school, that includes attending stipulated distance learning sessions, and being accessible to teachers. There is no GPA requirement, but children have to be participating and behaving in school, the JVF will work with the schools to ensure compliance.

The James Vick Foundation will also work with the families in regards to educational assistance, transportation to programming, and some of the other needs facing New Haven residents during these very trying times.

The JVF has retained bilingual staffers that can assist our newcomer families, if you need language assistance, or registration forms in Spanish, please contact the James Vick Foundation!

Covid-19 protocol is a component of programming, the JVF will provide literature to the families in advance of programming.

We will provide an update, including scheduling, sometime later this month!!!

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