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Registration for JVF Winter Sports Programming is now open!

The James Vick Foundation is pleased to officially open registration for JVF Winter Sports programming!

We are proud to offer a dual sports program that will run at the same time, and in the same place!

We would like to thank Liberty Bank, and our other benefactors for making this awesome program possible for the girls! All JVF Programming is free, however, participating athletes will be expected to engage in online peer to peer fundraising to help support the foundation, and our women's sports programming.

We wanted to lay out the different programs that will be offered, and additional details. All Winter programming will take place at CFC Arena in Hamden Connecticut every Sunday starting January 16th, and concluding March 6th.

JVF Field Hockey

Welcome to JVF Field Hockey! Connecticut's first free women's Field Hockey Club! We are so excited to welcome back this incredible program, and can't wait to see the girls compete in the Winter League!

JVF Field Hockey will offer games, and practice sessions. The program will kick off with clinic type workout on January 16th. The girls will work on their skills, fitness, and prepare for the start of league play January 23rd.

All sessions will take place from 11am to 2pm.

After that workout, the JVF will select the teams from the pool of girls that are enrolled in the program. All games will be 7v7, with 12 minute halves. The league will run for 5 weeks, with the playoffs taking place on the last weekend.

All players will receive insurance, a game/practice pinne, and equipment if needed.

All players that participate will be evaluated and potentially selected for the JVF Dragons, or the JVF Panthers, the two JVF travel club teams. We want to make it clear the club teams do not have a registration, or a general tryout, the girls selected will be pulled from the pool of players that competed last year, and players that are selected through participation in the winter program.

The official schedule for JVF Field Hockey will be released to registered athletes closer to the start of the program.

When you log into Sportsengine to register you must create a Sportsengine account first

JVF Vipers Lacrosse Winter Training camp

The JVF Vipers are back! After a record breaking Fall Season, that saw the team rise to incredible heights, Connecticut's first free women's lacrosse club will be returning to the turf for their Winter Training Camp ahead of the summer travel season. In 2022, the Vipers will play in four college showcases, as well as hosting two tournaments.

The JVF Vipers are a select team, in order to receive a roster spot, an athlete has to either be a returning player that was appointed to the 2022 roster by the JVF, or a player that is selected following the tryout.

The JVF Vipers will be hosting a tryout for players that did not receive a direct invite on January 16th, 2022, from 11am to 12:30pm, returning players are expected to attend as well.

Camp will run Sundays starting January 23rd, and concluding Sunday March 6th.

All sessions will take place 11am to 12:30pm following the tryout.

The JVF is seeking athletes that are ambitious, and serious about progressing as a lacrosse player, and potentially playing in college.

This is a high school age program, 8th grade to 12th grade.

Returning Seniors will be permitted to register, and play.

When you log into Sportsengine to register you must create a Sportsengine account first

We are so excited! Please contact the JVF with any additional questions.

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