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Registration for the JVF Lions lacrosse program is now open!

James Vick Lacrosse is pleased to announce a much anticipated expansion to our thriving women's lacrosse program! For the first time, the foundation will be offering a free lacrosse program to middle school students in New Haven County!

As our lacrosse program grows, our administrators want to develop a system in which athletes can play lacrosse for the JVF from middle school to the time they are seniors in high school, and the Lions are an amazing first step!

The JVF Lions will have the opportunity to compete, work with high quality coaches, spend time outside with friends, and other young women of a similar age!

Coach William Mraz, and his assistants will embark upon a path of improvement, and achievement with the young women, we are so excited to give the younger population a chance to grow within the sport

The JVF Lions will be hosting an open tryout on June 5th at CFC Park in Bethany, registered families will be apprised of more details leading up to the event. Due to space, budgeting, we only will be able to take on a certain amount of athletes this summer, with that number expanding in the fall.

In order to compete during the tryout, you must fill out the registration form, walkups will not be accepted.

In order to play for the Lions, you must either be a rising 7th grader, or a rising 8th grader, the JVF will internally select one rising 6th grader to join the group.

There is no charge or fee to play for the Lions, but due to the fact that this program was not part of our initial planning for 2021, or budget, we are asking the community to support the girls, please share this link with anyone that would be interested in donating.

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