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#SNF to return June 9th: Senior Night, HOF, the NJ Falcons on tap

Updated: Jun 4

New Haven -- Almost a year to the day after the last edition of Sunday Night Field Hockey, and on the heels of the record breaking Yale Series, the JVF is excited to announce the return of our Domingo night showcase.

Free to all participants, the event is another example of our mission to provide accessible sports transcending communities, and state boundaries.

On June 9th, 2024, the Falcons Field Hockey Club of Montclair New Jersey will travel to Johnson Field to confront the JVF Field Hockey program in an exciting doubleheader that will once again spotlight the sport of field hockey in a unique, and fun way.

The night will be a special one as the JVF will be inducting it's first ever HOF class, as well as bidding farewell to it's beloved senior class.

Entering the James Vick Foundation Hall of Fame will be Hayly Caruso (2022), Riley Minns (2022), Mariella Herrmann (2022, Alessia Lye (2022), Lenora Longway (2022).

These five trailblazers laid the ground work for our club programs in two sports, they did this when the foundation did not have the resources other clubs did, they believed in the mission, and the idea, that faith has created opportunity for thousands of girls up and down the east coast.

They will return that night to see what their sacrifice, and will, has created.

The James Vick Foundation will also bid farewell to our wonderful seniors, who have led our girls and our program durinng their glorious careers.

Thalia Zweeres, Jillian Lydon, Kayla Wilonski and Gina Madonick at Johnson Field on May 12th, 2024 (Credit JVF)

Kayla Wilonski (Sacred Heart Academy), Camryn Bernier (Suffield High School), Gina Madonick( Sacred Heart Academy), Bianca Ciaburro (Sacred Heart Academy), Brooke Focault (Lyman Hall), and Gianna Tritto (South Windsor High School).

These seniors have played such a massive role in the continued growth of our Field Hockey program, we are so excited to celebrate them in proper fashion!

The ceremony for both classes will take place throughout the evening.

The Falcons Field Hockey Club at Johnson Field on June 10th, 2023 (Credit JVF)


#SNF Field Hockey matches will run 40 minutes in length with 20 minute halves, all ties go to a 5 minute sudden death overtime, and subsequently 8 second shootouts.

4:00PM: JVF Hall of Fame Induction

5:05PM: Falcons U/16 vs JVF U/16

5:50PM: Senior Night Ceremony

6:25PM: JVF Dragons vs Falcons U/19

We want to thank everyone involved in this exciting night of Field Hockey! We encourage all fans to share, spread, and support our mission! Through fundraising, grants, and sponsorships we are able to provide these fun programs, and we need your support!

We want to thank Play it Again Sports of Southington, PBK Unlimited, the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, and 1st Place USA for making this night of competition possible!

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