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The FDP announces Futebol clinic for players ages 5 to 7!

The FDP announced today that the soccer programming for our younger players, has a time, a place, and a date.

When the FDP was founded, a priority for the staff, was to develop the younger group of players that don't always have access to regular programming, or are just learning about the sport, and want to give it a try. The FDP wants to work with children from the ground up, and start to develop a fun, but sophisticated approach to the game of Futebol.

The Futebol clinic will be the first in a series of workouts for the younger group!

The clinic will take place on the beautiful pitch of the CFC arena outdoor field in Bethany, we look forward to seeing the kids, and getting some exercise!

As a reminder, children that are not registered by the deadline, or have not been tested for Covid-19, will not be eligible to participate in the clinic. We want to stress that once the deadline passes, registration for the FDP will be closed for the summer. Please contact us through the form in this website with any questions.

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