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The JVF Fundraising Gala set for December 15th at Lotta Studios!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Westville -- The James Vick Foundation will be hosting it's first ever Gala/Fundraiser event on December 15th, 2023, at Lotta Studios in New Haven Connecticut!

As one of the largest free sports programs in the country, development, fundraising, and community support is vital to our sustainability, and the dreams of our kids.

Since 2018, we have served thousands of families in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, creating an endless amount of opportunity for youth in our community, and fostering a love of sport, exercise, fair play.

As our organization continues to grow, and thrive, we need more support than ever before in order to continue delivering impact programming to our kids.

This event will serve as both a celebration of our organization, and a means by which we can continue to provide fun stages for youth. 2024 is going to be loaded with programming, and this celebration will help the organization in that pursuit.

The gala will feature friends of the organization, sponsors, donors, our regionally recognized Field Hockey teams, good music, food, and fun!

We are asking everyone that supports us to please get involved.

This is a link that anyone can donate to the night of the fundraiser, we encourage everyone to share.

Anyone interested in making a matching donation, sponsorship donation, or otherwise contributing can contact us at

We want to thank all of the sponsors that made this event possible.

*This event is by invite only, for additional details feel free to contact us.

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