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The North Haven Warriors are fired up, and ready to test the competition

Updated: May 23, 2020

The James Vick Foundation reached out to the two senior captains of the North Haven Warriors Saturday morning as the Dream League competition nears it's next phase.

Callie Kessler and Erika Holle will lead the Warriors into battle this summer, and they were kind enough to provide an inside glimpse into a team that is beyond excited a season is happening at all!

JVF: As seniors, what was it like to go from the season being canceled to a season being possible?!

CK: The one thing that gets me so excited every year is the spring because I love being in the lacrosse atmosphere. As a senior, I was especially excited to take the field this year for my final season at North Haven so the second I heard that having a season is possible, it was the best news i’ve have ever had. It gave me hope. 

JVF: The North Haven Warriors are a brand new lacrosse club in North Haven, young girls in the community will play for this team years from now, what’s it like to lead this team into its first competition?

CK:It’s an honor to lead this team into its first competition because I know how talented the underclassman are and the future players to come so it’s awesome to have the opportunity to start the foundation for this team. I know each year it will grow and grow and I have confidence every player will be a leader in their own way as well. 

JVF: How excited is the team? 

CK: Our team is so excited to be able to get back on the field together. We all love the game so much and we always love being able to bond as a team during practices and games. 

JVF: Madison, Amity, Guilford, Wallingford and Monroe are deep, and there is rumblings of the highly regarded Stratford team joining the fold, Milford is exploring sending a club, and Shelton has started registering players as well. These are veteran teams, it appears this championship is going to be stacked with talent, what will the Warriors do to prepare for this type of test?

CK: Before the original cancellation, we were out there every week running and getting our sticks in our hands so I think that helps us out a lot. We’ve been encouraging everyone to stay active during this quarantine as well so we will be prepared for when the opportunity comes to get on the field. It’s going to test us to go against these very talented teams but we also have such great talent on our team so I think they are going to be great matchups. 

JVF: How does the team like it’s new logo? 

CK: The team loves the new logo. I think the name and the image is perfect for the circumstances because we were all put in the position to not play the season but now that we all have that opportunity we are going to fight on the field and give it our all.

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