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Registration for JVF Field Hockey is now open!!!!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

JVF Field Hockey wanted to provide some additional details regarding our registration process as the build up towards the start of the winter session begins.

All interested participants will need to fill out an application via our online registration system on this website, registration is now open!! You can click this link, or visit the events tab on this website!

Due to the unprecedented demand, and limited space, our coaching staff and team administrators will start reviewing applications immediately upon receipt. Approved applicants will be enrolled into the program shortly after registration concludes on January 26th.

All applicants will receive confirmation of their status, if for whatever reason your family does not receive a response by the 31st of January, please send us a message via the contact form on this website.

We ask that anyone and everyone interested in joining the program to please make sure your application is filled out, and submitted prior to the deadline.

We also want to clarify a couple program details

-There is a limited amount of space for field players, and goalies, we have instituted an application process in the interest of ensuring every athlete enrolled in the program gets a full experience.

-Once enrolled, each player will be eligible for free gear, equipment, additional program related materials as well as access to a high quality coaching staff, games/tournament programming, and top notch facilities.

-Athletes that compete for other clubs, but are still interested in joining are welcome to apply to the program!

-Due to the demand, Connecticut based residents will receive priority during the application/review process, but out of state athletes are welcome to apply

-The program will have systems in place for young women that want to play field hockey at the college level, please contact us with any further questions in that regard.

The James Vick Foundation has started a fundraiser for the program to cover the different expenses the club will encounter, and the unexpected wide spread interest, if you are interested in donating, or know someone who is, please follow or share follow this link!

The James Vick Foundation Inc is a 501c(3) organization.

JVF Field hockey is going to be an exciting, fun, competitive, enriching experience for the young women, we are so excited to welcome all of them, and we need your support!

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