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Triumph! The JVF Dragons and Panthers make history in NJ

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Tinton Falls NJ -- After three years of hard work, sacrifice, and soulful energy, the JVF Field Hockey program blasted the program into regional prominence with an historic run at the high-profile Surf and Sands College showcase in Monmouth County New Jersey.

As the only free to play program at the tournament, the athletes and the coaches entered the competition with high hopes, and plenty of confidence, hoping to make some history.

They did not disappoint.

Over a furious four game stretch, with a swath of college coaches in attendance, JVF Field Hockey punched it's ticket to legitimacy.

The JVF Panthers rise.

Led by Coach Meghan Augur, the JVF Panthers stunned the tournament with an unexpected run to a second-place finish, the team went 2 and 2, scoring 9 goals in total!

The Panthers were dynamic offensively in the younger division, winning one of the group games 5-0.

The Panthers were powered by the prolific goal scoring of Giada Broccoli and Sophia Rizzuti. The team also benefited from the steady defensive support of Brooke and Bree Focault, Marissa Manzo, and Lily Rosenberg.

In goal, Kaitlyn Coughlin produced a season best outing, keeping the overall goal differential even enough to allow the team to shoot up the leaderboard down the stretch.

The Dragons become the first ever JVF Champions!

In a potent encore, the JVF Dragons secured the programs first major championship with a jaw dropping performance on the event's biggest stage.

Head Coach Kya O'Donnell pressed the right buttons, made timely changes, and kept the girls confident in the latter stages of the event.

Going 3-0-1 over 4 games, and allowing only two goals during that stretch, the Dragons were statistically the best defensive team at the tournament, and dominated the event even while missing key contributors that were unable to participate.

The championship, three years in the making, provided a hungry ball club with infinite hope for the future. The team was led by tournament MVP Rylie Daly, offensive midfielder Kayla Wilonski, Jillian Lydon, and the relentless Lizzy Hagg.

Defensively, the team was sublime, goalkeepers Bianca Ciaburro, and Ginny Currelo, shut the tournament down with toughness, and incredible saves, together they made it very difficult for opposing teams to get going.

Defenders Aryana Wilson, Payton Kamienski, and Thalia Zweeres, played the games of their lives, never allowing the opposition to get comfortable in the final third of the field.

The team also received fantastic contributions from Isabelle Ash, Lyla Patel, and Gina Madonick.

The accomplishments of JVF Field Hockey in New Jersey, and during the Yale Series earlier this year, have the program brimming with confidence headed into 2024.

Please stay tuned to this website for summer and winter Field Hockey updates.

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