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Video: Southington, Westport, and the Vipers ball out at Fall Lax Series

James Vick Lacrosse is pleased to report that the Fall Lacrosse Series 2020 is off and running!

This past Saturday some pretty spectacular young women gave the sport a much needed feel good story amid these dark times.

The teams showed up fired up, ready to play, speed, talent, and happiness all over the field.

The athletes played with such class, and passion, and the parents were about as supportive as anyone could be, JVF Lax could not have dreamed of a better result!

The referees did a great job, controlling the action, keeping the games clean, and safe.

Despite a tough schedule, each team gave an awesome effort, and never wavered in the face of back to back games.

Team Westport, on the strength of talent and unity, led by their captain Shira Parower, won the tournament championship, playing a brand of lacrosse that will stand up against anyone in the state, the team in blue is poised to make a ton of noise next season when High School Lax returns, JVF Lax would like to commend the ball club for a job well done.

Southington, led by their Goalie Chayse Shamleffer , gave a tremendous account of themselves, advancing to the championship game, and competing at a high level, a marvelous performance that bodes well for the program moving forward, Southington is flush with speed, intelligence, and a love for the game.

The JVF Vipers, playing in their first every competition together, played well, played with heart, and laid the groundwork for so many young women to join them in the coming months! As one of the first free/private lacrosse clubs in history, the Vipers got off to an amazing start this weekend.

Hannah Sommer of the JVF Vipers, put on an iron woman performance, playing in all five games, helping the event beyond measure, and securing the Most Outstanding Player award, a junior, Sommer has dreams of playing college lacrosse, and appears to be on her way.

A sensational day for the game, the JVF is so thankful to the parents, athletes, referees, sponsors, supporters, and volunteers, especially the Price family!

The stunning success of the play day, combined with feedback from the athletes, have convinced JVF Lax to seek a second play day before the air gets cooler.

Our leadership would like to bring the Fall Lacrosse Series tournament back to the CFC, but will also explore sites in Fairfield County.

JVF Lax with the work with the captains of the different teams to determine a date that works for everyone, the priority is to give the athletes the best experience possible in terms of competition, and the fun factor.

JVF Lax will commence a fundraising campaign to support new teams that may want to play, secure a site, and update our supporters in the next week or so!

Thank you everyone for believing.

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