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Video: #Viperslax returns to practice, new players welcome!

Over the last two weeks the JVF Vipers Lacrosse team has been back on the turf working hard and developing as a ball club.

With less than two months until the high school lacrosse season kicks off, the athletes have committed themselves to getting better, working hard, and having fun. High School Lax will be here before we know it, so the key now is improving everyone's lacrosse situation.

The Vipers have been led by general manager Heather Del Cervo, and head coach Will Mraz, who has brought incredible teaching, optimism, and guidance to the young women.

The Vipers have played with energy, joy, and compassion for each other, they truly are becoming a team! The focus has been improvement, and the objective is playing out wonderfully!

The Vipers will spend the next few weeks working as club on stick skills, conditioning, strategy, and other necessary facets of the game.

The Vipers wanted to invite more area players to join the team, they have some open spots left, and would like to open the club to young women seeking to get better who also enjoy sharing the turf with a great coach, and selfless teammates.

We wanted to post some videos of the girls in action, if you have any questions regarding the Vipers, please reach out to us via the contact form on this website! Registration and participation is free, practices are once a week with games starting in early March.

Summer programming will be announced depending on the CIAC schedule, please keep in touch with us for updates in that regard.

The JVF Vipers are Connecticut's first free lacrosse club, the James Vick Foundation has started an online fundraiser to support the team during 2021, if you are interested in sponsoring the athletes feel free to reach out to us! If you are interested in donating, just visit the online portal we have set up for the team!

We also now have an account at Squad Locker, please visit our team store for the latest Vipers gear, and accessories! A percentage of each transaction is donated to the James Vick Foundation, and our women's sports programming!

#Viperslax also wants to thank On Running, Walsh Fencing, and all of our community partners that are giving the girls a fun and enriching experience with coach Mraz!

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