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Video: The Winter Lacrosse Series smashes expectations!

The Winter Lacrosse Series tournament was a smashing success for the James Vick Foundation, the athletes, and our supporters.

Incredibly talented young women from all over Connecticut created a competitive atmosphere Saturday night at the CFC Park in Bethany Connecticut.

With high school lacrosse returning this week, it was enjoyable for us to see the girls getting game reps with school tryouts looming.

The JVF Vipers did an awesome job of hosting the event, and finally got to experience games as a team, the JVF wants to thank all of them for such a wonderful winter season, and we look forward to expanded lacrosse programming this summer. Great things ahead for the Vipers!

Emilee Degrand of Team 203(Sacred Heart Academy) put on a dynamite performance for her team, winning MVP honors, and putting herself on the map as s serious college prospect.

We would like to salute her for a job well done.

Team Clinton, led by Brooke Carlisle, and Grace Maurice, turned in a fantastic effort while short handed, and will certainly be a team to watch at the summer lacrosse series.

The James Vick Foundation wants to thank all of our sponsors, and all of the families that have made in kind donations to our programming in 2021, you're generosity made the Winter Lacrosse Series possible,

The girls really enjoyed themselves, improved as players, and didn't have to pay a dime to do it, the experience was spectacular, and we have all of you thank for it.

We also want to thank the coaches, the club directors, and the parents for getting behind the event so quickly, we look forward to seeing all of you again. A true team effort in many respects.

The Summer Lacrosse Series is slated to take place at the CFC Park in late June, pleased stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates.

Credit to Melissa Rosado for the incredible pictures!

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