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#VipersLax registration is now open!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

JVF Lacrosse hopes everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

We are excited to announce that registration for 2021 JVF Vipers Lacrosse is now open!

You can click this link, or visit the events section of our website!

The JVF Vipers will return in January with an exposure day January 19th, in which we will evaluate the new class of players, and organize our rosters.

Both the middle school team, and the high school team will participate in practice sessions, and indoor leagues during the first three months of 2021. We also will be doing smaller workouts for players that indicate they need or want individual training outside of the practice schedule.

The program will transition to outdoor practices and scrimmages prior to the high school season ramping up in March, the middle school team will continue to compete through the high school season.

The JVF Vipers are free, gear, games, tournaments, there is zero charge for participation!

The Vipers will also participate in community based activities.

Team leadership is putting more of an emphasis on character than talent in 2021, we want teams that get along with one another, like each other, and share the ball.

We have successfully created a pressure free culture, and we will ask the new players coming on board to contribute to that culture, and help us cultivate it!

The Vipers will be doing an organizational zoom on January 15th prior to the winter season kicking off, if you have any questions regarding the program, please contact us via the form on this website, or shoot an email to the team general manager Heather Del Cervo!

The club will be ordering uniforms, and other materials in early January, please be sure to have your registration in as soon as possible!

The Vipers are fully funded, while in kind donations, and team fundraisers are certainly possible, such activities are not a condition of programming for the athletes.

There are several current Viper players that play full-time for other clubs, such activity will not be an issue for our coaches.

We look forward to our first full year of competition!!!

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