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Yes!: JVF Dragons go undefeated at the Surf and Sands College Expo!!

Tinton Falls NJ - The JVF Dragons stunned observers this past weekend at the Surf and Sands College exposure tournament in Tinton Falls New Jersey.

The Dragons entered the competition missing several key players, including the entire starting defense, but through the brilliant coaching by Coach Kya and Coach Meg, and a resilient group of athletes, the team set a furious pace that their opponents struggled to catch up with.

In a complete team performance, the Dragons went undefeated at a major tournament, surrendering just three goals, and scoring five. The ball club used a bruising style of play to stifle opponents, and slow the games down.

The Dragons were anchored by goalkeeper Fallyn Belisle, and a suffocating defense by committee. Mia Park, Keira Droney, Lenora Longway, and Payton Kamienski were physical, and stubborn down the stretch, emerging as one of the best defenses in the entire tournament.

The Dragons offense was led by the Lenora Longway, Campbell Heatley, Taya Butin, Stella Carney, Thalia Zweeres and Lauren Kendrick, The potent combination produced a relentless and skilled attack over the course of four games, never allowing opposing teams to relax, or get comfortable.

Following the historic run, the Dragons finished 2nd place in the group, and Stella Carney was voted tournament MVP by JVF staff. There is a firm belief the team is one of the very best teams in the Northeast, a glorious accomplishment for a club entering it's third year.

The day took on added significance with so many college coaches in attendance, making it one of the most important performances in the history of the JVF, and setting the program up to recruit a new class of athletes that want to advance in the sport of field hockey.

The Dragons now head into the offseason confident, and excited for 2023!

To prospective athletes that are interested in trying out for high school age #JVFHockey in 2023, please stay tuned to this website for updates regarding applications, and our new system of athletic administration.

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